Issue of RTC through Private Kiosk Administrative Procedure
  1. Click here to Download Required ActiveX controls. After downloading save the file into C:\ drive, double click on the RTCActivexSetup.msi file and follow the procedure.
  1. Private Kiosk Operator will apply to Deputy Commissioner (DC) of concerned district as per the circular, requesting for connectivity to BHOOMI Data Centre (BDC) to issue RTCs. 
  1. After scrutinizing the application,  DC will approve/reject the application. If approved, he will intimate the BHOOMI Data Centre, Revenue Department, Bangalore and concerned taluka tahsildar with the details of the Private Kiosk. 
  1. As per the details given by DC, The BDC will create the login account for the private kiosk operator and intimate the same to the concerned DC & tahsildar. The password will be sent from the BDC by registered post to the private Kiosk Operator directly. Which needs to be preserved securely by operator. 
  1. With the approval order of DC, the Private Kiosk Operator will approach the tahsildar of his juridiction with the advance payment of atleast Rs 1500.00 in the form of Demand Draft in favour of  (Taluka Bhoomi bank Account), within 15 days of approval of DC. 
  1. On receipt of this, the tahsildar will give the username received from BDC and issue the batch of green coloured pre-printed RTCs, which will be equal to the advance paid, by considering Rs 15/- for one RTC. The pre-printed RTCs will have pre-printed serial number and  hologram. 
  1. Now, the Private Kiosk Operator will open the Bhoomi web page on identified system at approved village to view and print RTCs. He has to use the same system for viewing & printing. Otherwise his login will not operate. 
  1. Every time the RTC is printed by the Private Kiosk Operator, the amount Rs 15/- will be deducted from his advance as service charge by BDC. Before printing the RTC, operator has to enter the serial number printed on RTC on which the printing is being done so that the same number will be printed on that RTC. 
  1. When the balance of advance amount paid by private Kiosk Operator falls below Rs 500/-, he will be issued warning message as ‘renew the account’ on his system everytime the RTC is printed. 
  1. Whenever the balance amount falls below the minimum of Rs 500.00, Private Kiosk Operator has to approach the tahsildar with the advance amount of atleast of Rs 1500.00 in the form of DD. 
  1. Whenever the advance has been paid by the private kiosk operator, the tahsildar has to carry out the steps 5  (as given above). 
  1. Private Kiosk Operator has to preserve the RTCs which have not been printed properly because of printer, paper or system problems. He can approach the tahsildar with these RTCs to get the new set of green coloured pre-printed RTCs and equal amount of credit into his account. 
  1. The private Kiosk Operator can submit the list of RTCs of multiple pages with number of pages to the tahsildar to collect only the equal number of RTCs, but not the amount of credit. 
  1. The tahsildar has to carry out the steps 5  for improperly printed RTCs and list of RTCs of multiple pages submitted by Private Kiosk Operator. On web form, he will enter credit as ‘Adjustment’ instead of  ‘Payment’ and DD No & date as blank.